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Using creativity to stimulate the mind

RMIS occasionally collaborates with members of our local community on creative projects. teaching us new skills and providing variety. This taps in to different areas of the brain, thereby boosting our mental and physical health.

We ran a 'Women's group' at the Shed during the Summer of 2022 to undertake an art project. The men also developed their artistic flair in a subsequent series of a art workshops which resulted in their 'New Ways to Look at Bikes' exhibition. This ran from Jan to March 2023 at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery.

New Ways To Look At Bikes

See if you can spot Stockport's own Olympic Medallist Alan Newton in these pictures!

We enjoyed sharing our artworks at the exhibition. If you would like to purchase any of the pieces of art that you see below, handmade by skilled craftsmen at the shed, then please contact us at:

all our pieces are available for a reasonable price to the organisation- we'd love to share our art with you!

Click the leaflet to see a copy of our brochure for the gallery exhibition (PDF).

Women's Group Art Project

The idea wheel.jpeg
The Artist Surveys her work_edited.jpg

Wheel weaving

Spray painting on calico

Sprayed parts hanging to dry.jpeg

Hydro-dipping bike parts

The Finished tapestry.JPG

The finished wall hanging!

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