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What do we do?                                                             

Here at Reddish Men in Sheds, we fettle old donated bikes and sell them on to the general public at very affordable prices, or donate them to schools or other community groups to allow everyone to experience the joy of cycling.


Who can get involved?

We're mainly aimed at older men who can be isolated for financial/ health or social reasons. Many are passionate about getting old bikes back on the roads, and learning practical new skills while doing so. We meet at our venue in Reddish every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between 12.00pm and 4.00pm. If you'd like to meet some new friendly faces while tinkering with bikes, then this is a perfect opportunity. It's not all work - we have regular stops for a brew, snacks and a natter!

Interested in joining or buying a bike from us?

Get in touch either by email or the 'Contact' page on this site. You are then welcome to come and visit us in person and see if it's the kind of thing for you, with no obligation to join! Send us an email at

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